2 years old. Or 80 years old. Look at me!


In case you don’t, this is why you should love the #Paralympics.

My daughters love this one. Can you blame them? (via tumblr.com)

Superhumans, superpromo

Channel 4 has launched the London Paralympics with this wonderful promo.

The beauty inside, you have got me.

They have got me. I watched the trailer and I was immediately curious: a guy who wakes up every day with a new face and body. Then I found out that it a marketing campaign, Toshiba and Intel are using this social media based movie to launch their product - I have no idea about the name of it unfortunately.

The movie happens once a week on Facebook and everyone, me and you as well, can participate. I really like also this second phase. It is a very complicated project, I hope they can keep up with the quality of these first baby steps. I’ll check from time to time and post updates if anything good happens. For sure it’s worth seeing how brands are exploring new engagement tools for their marketing campaigns. I might not remember the name of the new product but I remember Toshiba for sure - and I hate PCs.

The World’s Tiniest Police Chase

UK based company comes up with an answer to my old time question: what to do with wall projections. Here we go, the smallest police chase ever, the best idea of the month so far - I know we have just started, but you never know, it can stay unbeaten!

Just because they know nothing about us, doesn’t mean we shouldn’t know anything about them. Wonderful France 5 campaign (by LES TELECREATEURS)

Wonderful way to celebrate the 40th birthday of Pentagram. Amazing copy and very slick and simple design.

1969’ when magazines made fun of tv. adwriter:
1969’ when magazines made fun of tv.


(Source: nwkarchivist)

In all of July there are only two days not so common to give birth. One’s mine. taitran:

Birth dates
In all of July there are only two days not so common to give birth. One’s mine.


Birth dates

Have you heard of the big flood in Paris?

Wait , when? According to the fact, Paris hasn’t been subject to a major deluge since 1910, but this wonderful video of few months ago, states the opposite.

Here you can find out how Olivier Campagne and ArtefactoryLab made it possible.

British Airways ad for the Olympics. The Italian bag was lost by Alitalia in the first leg, I suppose.

Beauty is embarassing. Inspirational doc, now my mantra for the month. Great job @mrbrkly

Chipotle served the best moment at the Grammys last night.

This happens when you have six months of night, I suppose.


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